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International Translations Office is one of Asia’s oldest specialist translation and interpretation offices.  Our origins are in the 1940’s when Thailand was still Siam and an early wave of foreign investors arrived impressed with the Kingdom’s potential.  M.R. Thanomsri Dhevakul, the company founder, responded to the needs of the newcomers and the locals that these newcomers needed to interact with by providing translation and interpretation services, training, and developing bi-lingual staff to work with both sides.  Mr. Pravit Vidhyanukroh, whose family continues to run International Translations Office today, quickly joined him.

As a pioneer, International Translations Office was able to set up important contacts across the local and foreign business and diplomatic communities.  Many of these contacts have endured until today.

The Vidhyanukroh family is vitally aware of the dynamic nature of international business and has kept abreast of the evolving needs of their customers.  They have embraced international management practices and the potential of computerization.  They employ the most gifted, vocationally skilled linguists and have a highly efficient office back-up system to ensure the swiftest, smoothest processing of work.  All work is double-checked to ensure maintenance of the highest standards.  These standards are reflected by the continued use of their services by government departments, embassies and international businesses.


International Translations Office

22 Silom Road, 2nd Floor, Bangkok 10500, Thailand
Tel (66-2) 233-7714, 234-9969, 267-1097-8
Fax (66-2) 632-7119